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Frequently Asked Questions/Troubleshooting Guide

Trouble Logging into OneView

1. Did you create a parent account within OneView?

OneView is a different website than Infinite Campus and requires a separate parent account. Step-by-step directions for creating a OneView parent account can be found on the district’s website at https://www.pickerington.k12.oh.us/forms/ under the “Back to School and Emergency Medical Forms” section.

2. Have you created more than one parent account?

A common mistake is for a parent to begin the OneView process and either forget that they have created an account or forget their login information. Creating multiple parent accounts can lead to many issues, especially when logging in and trying to attach students. Instructions on retrieving your login information can be found at https://plsd.esvportal.com/ForgotCredentials.aspx

3. Forgot username and/or password

As a default, your email address is your username, unless you have chosen to change it. When you create a parent account within OneView, the system automatically sends an email confirming registration and verifying the email address. Instructions on retrieving your login information can be found at https://plsd.esvportal.com/ForgotCredentials.aspx.  The first option on the page is to retrieve your username. The second option on the page is to retrieve your password. This is an automated system.  Look for an email from plsd@esvmail.com.

4. Locked out – too many log in attempts

After 5 unsuccessful login attempts, you will be locked out of the OneView website for 60 minutes. You must completely close the browser before attempting to login again.

Trouble Attaching a Student

1. Don’t know the student’s ID number?

The student’s ID number is assigned during the enrollment process. It is the same as the student’s lunch code. You can find the student’s ID number by logging into your Infinite Campus Parent account.  Select "Today" in the menu under the three line icon, then select your student.  The student number will be listed below the student name.  If you are new to the district or have forgotten your Infinite Campus Parent login, detailed information regarding Infinite Campus can be found on the district’s website at www.pickerington.k12.oh.us/parent-portal/

2. Are you using the LAST name only?

When submitting student information for attachment, only the last name is required. Submitting the full name will result in an error message stating that “No student was found matching the information provided.”

3. Does the student information that you are submitting match what is listed in Infinite Campus?

Please be certain that all student information is correct in Infinite Campus, as this is the data that is sent to OneView for student attachment. Verify that Infinite Campus is reporting correct birthdate, spelling of name, and grade level.

4. Are you trying to attach a preschool student?

Preschoolers are not required to fill out forms online. Preschool parents will receive a forms packet through the postal mail.

5. Are you selecting KG for your Kindergarten student?

Parents need to select either KA or KP, depending on the session that your student will attend, Kindergarten AM or Kindergarten PM.

6. Did you enroll your student today?

The Welcome Center must assign a student ID number in Infinite Campus and finalize enrollment. This data must then be sent to OneView through an overnight data sync. This process must be complete before a student will be available for attachment to a parent account.

“Student already associated with a parent account”

7. Have you created more than one parent account?

A common mistake is for a parent to begin the OneView process and forget their login information when returning to complete/update the forms. Instead of retrieving their username/password, the parent creates a new account using a second email address. However, if a student ID number has already been attached to a parent account, it cannot be attached again.

8. Student already attached to another parent account.

Only one parent/guardian has the ability to process forms within OneView. A second parent/guardian may request to have a student attached to their parent account for read-only access. The parent must make this request through the building secretary and the secretary must attach the student to the secondary parent account for read-only access.


1. All of the required back-to-school forms have been combined into one page titled “Emergency Medical Form.” This is the only form link that needs to be completed.

2. There is no option to print the Emergency Medical Form after completion. Please contact your building secretary if you need a copy of the Emergency Medical Form to be forwarded to the Band/Orchestra/Athletic Department, etc.